General Information


Our office provides 24-hour coverage of emergencies. Should a health emergency arise outside of normal business hours, please call 215-536-6000 requesting immediate attention or an appointment during the next business day. If a delay in medical attention would result in a life threatening situation please do not hesitate to go immediately to your local hospital’s emergency room for treatment and notify our office of the event.


As your primary care practice, we will coordinate your medical care. When you have health questions consult our office and we will guide you regarding appropriate medical treatment. We will refer you to a specialist for treatment when medically necessary and continue to coordinate your care with the consulting doctor.
Many insurance plans require a written referral before seeing a specialist. We request 24-48 hours notice on all non-urgent referrals in order to obtain authorization and process referrals. Urgent care referrals will be authorized and processed as quickly as possible. You may be responsible for fees if you see a specialist without a written referral as per insurance rules.

We cannot issue retroactive referrals for care already rendered. If you have any questions regarding referrals, please call our office — we will be happy to assist you.

Our office accepts most major insurance plans. Please check with our office to see if we participate with your particular insurance plan if you do not see on the list above. Your insurance company also can give you a listing of providers who participate. Co-payments are not billable and are due at the time of the office visit. Payments are accepted in cash, by personal check or by Visa/Mastercard.

Prior Authorization

Prior authorization may be required for some advanced radiology studies. This usually requires a minimum of 48 hours for a response from your insurance carrier. Please use this form, notify our office of the appointment date as soon as it is scheduled. We will do our best in an emergency situation.

Prescription Renewals

Prior to your office visit, please review all of your medications and bring a list of medications that require refills along to the office. It is important to keep track of your medications and contact the office three to five days in advance of final consummation of your medication. Please do not wait until you have taken your last pill. An appointment will be made for you to come in for your refills. No refills can be called in or renewed over the phone. You must be seen. This is necessary due to the fact that medical conditions can change over night which may require a change in your prescription.

Lab Results

If lab studies are ordered for you, any urgent abnormal results will result in a telephone call requesting an appointment to discuss treatment options. If you have not heard from the practice within one week, please call to follow-up.